2014 Symposium: College Completion/Persistence



On June 5, 2014 the Third Annual Degrees by Design Best Practices Symposium took place at the Cleveland State University Wolstein Center from 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.  The Symposium will focused on college persistence which is the third of three critical areas being measured  annually by the Higher Education Compact (college readiness and access are the other two).  The Compact defines college persistence as students having the academic and self-management skills, resilience, resources and institutional support to successfully navigate and persevere through college.

This year participants had the pleasure of hearing from our featured speaker, Dr. Vincent Tinto.  Dr. Tinto is an expert on higher education particularly on student success and the impact of learning communities on student growth and attainment.  His book, Leaving College, lays out a theory and policy perspective on student success that is considered the benchmark by which work on these issues are judged.  His most recent book, Completing College, lays out a framework for institutional action for student success, describes the range of programs that have been effective in enhancing student success, and the types of policies institutions should follow to successfully implement programs in ways that endure and scale-up over time.