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The Power of Support

Is there enough support for incoming college freshmen?  Going to college is a huge step that is intimidating for many but especially for those who lack support.  Not just financial support but mentoring support.  When a student goes off to college they are introduced to a “new world.”  New school, new people, new classes, new everything.  With all of these changes, students need someone to turn to for help, they need support.  So, how do we offer students the guidance they need in order to access AND persist through college to graduation day?

Recently, several universities have taken action and developed programs that offer students academic and personal support. The University of Toledo has adopted a “Success Coach Program.”  This program assigns each incoming freshman and sophomore a “success coach,” to whom he or she can turn with questions.  According to Dr. Kaye Patten Wallace, Senior Vice President for the Student Experience at University of Toledo, “A coach is a single point of contact for that student.  Coaches will be communicating with students via telephone, email and even twitter to make sure they are doing well.”  Programs like this will make an impact on student’s success; however, in order to provide students with the best chance of succeeding they need more than just support from the college.  It takes every person in a student’s life to help him or her persist and obtain their degree.  Here are a few ways you can make the difference and support a student:

Stay Connected

  • Stay in touch with your student through email, mail, calling or texting

Ask Questions

Know the Campus

  • Know the resources available on your students campus

Open Communication

  • Create an atmosphere of open communication.  Make sure your student feels comfortable coming to you about difficult conversations.

By working together and providing students with a strong support network, we can increase college attainment.  Whether you are a community organization working with students or simply just know a college student, YOU can make an impact; you can give them the support they need.  So, how will you change a student’s life?