Ensuring Ohio Can Compete: Meeting Ohio’s Attainment Goal 2025

  • On January 31st, the Higher Education Compact in partnership with a dozen of Ohio’s cradle-to-career initiatives, hosted an interactive event at the Ohio Statehouse, Ensuring Ohio Can Compete: Meeting Ohio’s Attainment Goal 2025. This event showcased educational data from across the P-16 pipeline and a panel discussion that included State Sen. Peggy Lehner, Chair of the Ohio Senate Education Committee, Jim Tressel, President, Youngstown State University and Eric Hanushek, Stanford University economist. Following the panel, Sen. Lehner chaired a Senate Education Committee Hearing, “Connecting the Dots from Cradle to Career.”

    The data shared at the data walk highlighted state-wide information and local information. Specifically, the charts included the percent of children who have access to high quality early childhood education, rates of kindergarten readiness, third grade reading rates, 8th grade math rates, high school graduation rates and college graduation rates. The charts also disaggregated data to show how certain subgroups fare on these same indicators.

    An overarching message from the panel discussion was that it’s an economic imperative that more individuals have a postsecondary degree or credential – and that to meet employers growing demand students must be put on a path to postsecondary success starting in preschool.

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