About the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland


The Higher Education Compact for Greater Cleveland (the Compact) is committed to increasing the number of Cleveland students who are ready for, have access to, and persist in college.


In 2010, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson asked civic leaders, educators, and college and university presidents to develop a plan to increase the number of youth enrolling in and graduating from college. Organizational leaders met to research best practices and explore a data-driven, outcomes approach to promoting student success. This group recommended collaborative and collective efforts be aligned to increase college readiness, access and persistence, improvement goals be established and student progression be measured, monitored and shared with the community through a College Success Dashboard. Mayor Jackson accepted these recommendations and, by so doing, formally launched the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland in October, 2011.

The Compact is a promise — a written pledge — from these leaders to do what it takes to remove obstacles that prevent Cleveland youth from going to and succeeding in college.