The Higher Education Compact
of Greater Cleveland (the Compact)

is committed to helping Cleveland students access and succeed in college and careers

The Higher Education Compact was formed in 2010 to prepare the next generation of Cleveland’s citizens and future workforce by ensuring students have access to high-quality academic preparation that puts them on pathways to college and careers.

Compact partners – including government, public education, higher education, philanthropic, civic and youth-serving organizations – came together to align their work and set goals for post-secondary success, specifically, for increasing high school graduation, college enrollment and college completion rates.


Our Goals

Research suggests that there are three sets of factors that influence college enrollment and college success, particularly for low-income, first generation college students: college readiness, college access, and college persistence. The Compact was established around the goal of improving these three factors for Cleveland high school graduates and they serve as the main areas of focus for our work and our partnerships.

College Readiness

College Access

College Persistence

Does the student have the content knowledge, critical thinking and research skills, and academic habits to successfully complete college work without remediation? Does the student have the awareness, opportunity, support, and financing necessary to select and attend a college that is the “right fit?” Does the student have the academic and self-management skills, resilience, resources, and institutional support to successfully navigate and persevere through college?

What we do:

Support key partners to further the college going culture of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District through increased academic rigor and performance.

What we do:

Coordinate with key partners to support the college application process, increase college enrollment, and advocate for college affordability measures at the state level.

What we do:

Work with Say Yes Cleveland eligible partner institutions to retain and complete more CMSD graduates in higher education.